We develop tasty, high quality and sustainable products for consumers.

We know we’re part of an increasingly passionate conversation about how food is sourced. Being authentic to consumers can only come from delivering the highest standards of quality products, sourced using local, resilient supply chains.

We innovate and collaborate in the right areas and with the right partners. We are already recognised as a trusted partner of UK farming industry and for customers. Our focus is firmly fixed on providing higher quality meat, sustainably.

Quality and food safety

We are the largest provider of higher welfare pork globally and our commitment includes taking a lead on high-quality, healthy products.

Our consumers are more informed and care more deeply than ever about the importance of the right food within a healthy lifestyle. We already produce sustainable, high quality products that are authentic and meet consumer needs. For example, we lead on the production of nitrate and nitrite free bacon and gammon.

More than that, we want to grow the value of our sustainable product range and, in turn, drive positive change across the industry.

Sustainable consumption

We have committed to the United Nations Sustainable Goal for Responsible Production and Consumption with only 0.1% of production classified as food waste.

Carcase balance

We work closely with our customers to maximise the overall use of the pork produced by our farm partners. Helping to increase consumer demand for different cuts of meat in the UK pork market will not only increase long-term stability for producers but give consumers greater choice.

Provenance and sourcing

We operate the largest, higher-welfare, local and ethical supply chains. We’re pushing constantly to improve the resilience of our three separate supply chains, working work closely with our partners and industry stakeholders.

Appetite for meat

Future meat consumption is forecast to decrease per capita globally but increase significantly overall as global population rises and regional consumption shifts. We also want to ensure consumers can rely on the highest quality meat as part of a broader range of balanced, healthy diets, including flexitarian.

Our consumers are better connected and informed than ever before; responsibility to produce products sustainably and in a transparent way.

Alternative proteins

We already have a prominent position in the production of sustainable proteins. Our commitment to consumers is to work hard to widen the options available.

We want to meet the challenge of satisfying increasing demand for protein, while committing to and complying with robust science-based targets towards net zero.