After 32 years of fantastic service Mr Paul Arundel Breeding farms manager is leaving BQP to retire.
Howard Revell led the tributes to the great work Paul had done for both BQP and the farming partners over the years.

Paul started originally as a indoor producer back in the J. Bibby days, producing 90 piglets a week in Essex. He then moved on to manage a 1200 place sow herd for BQP near Snetterton Norfolk until the late 1990’s. Due to herd health the herd was culled out and Paul became a breeding / rearing Fieldsman. Taking on the role of breeding farm manger a couple years later.

Thank you Paul for all the hard work you have put in over the years, thank you for the sound advice and friendship you have extended to all at BQP over the 32 years.
Enjoy your retirement Paul and thank you for all your great dedicated work you have done over the years for both BQP and our farming partners