Due to continued growth we are looking for more farmers to join our successful operation.

  • Offering long-term agreements, subsidised capital outlay and competitive returns
  • High welfare straw based system
  • Working in a fully integrated supply chain for the premium retailers

How does it work?

The method of contract pig rearing that we operate has worked successfully for over 40 years and has allowed many young entrants to establish themselves in the farming industry and to grow further with us over time.

Several of our farmers have been with us for many years and we are now dealing with the grandchildren of some of our original farmers – a real success story across the generations.

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BQP Supplies
  • Pigs
  • Feed
  • Transport
  • Field Staff Support
  • Veterinary Support and Medicines
  • Dead Pig Disposal
  • Sundries

Farmer Supplies

  • Building
  • Labour and Machinery
  • Straw
  • Water
  • On farm costs

From Plot to Pigs

Becoming a supplier to BQP

At all times through the process of becoming a BQP supplier, specialist BQP staff provide support and guidance to ensure the farmer is proceeding in the right direction.  By being very thorough in this process we ensure the farm will operate successfully later.

Mark Jagger

Mark Jagger has guided farmers through the process of setting up with BQP for 25 years.  Once an interest has been expressed Mark will visit the farm to discuss the opportunity with the farm and to understand if contract pig growing is mutually beneficial for both parties involved. Mark is then on hand to guides all farms through the process until the buildings are filled with pigs.

Mark’s contact details:

Mobile: 07802596702

Email: mark.jagger@pilgrimsuk.com

Process of setting up with a New Build

1. Visit from a fields person to discuss whether a pig growing contract is a mutually beneficial option

2. Farmer to arrange finance and apply for planning permission

3. Contract signed between BQP and farmer

4. Planning permission granted

5. Building work commences to agreed plan by farmer or farmer’s contractor

6. Sheds filled with pigs by BQP – your own dedicated fields person will guide you through your first batch