Whether you are an existing pig farmer or thinking about venturing into this type of farming, we can work with you every step of the way.

At all times through the process of becoming a BQP supplier, specialist BQP staff provide support and guidance to ensure the farmer is proceeding in the right direction.  By being very thorough in this process we ensure the farm will operate successfully later.


New Build Opportunities

BQP now has over 150 buildings that follow a similar proven design. This design provides the optimum conditions for pigs from weaning to finishing.

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Conversion of Existing Buildings

Currently within our breadth of BQP farms we have successfully operating buildings that were formerly used for other purposes. These buildings have been converted to suit pig finishing. Buildings that have previously been converted include cattle yards, dairy housing, broiler sheds and laying sheds.

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Breeding Opportunities

BQP operates a high welfare outdoor breeding system, working with 60+ partner farmers.
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