Exec team visit Stradbroke and a growing farm

The Exec team rolled up their sleeves, put on their wellington boots and overalls this week and joined the Stradbroke team for their monthly Exec meeting. The team was on site over Monday and Tuesday which included a trip to a local Grower’s Farm.

Rachel Baldwin, explained: “The Exec team and I were all thrilled to be in Stradbroke. Our visit also included a meal with Barney and his senior team which gave us food for thought.”

In addition, with the sun shining and the support of Stradbroke colleagues, the Exec team also had the pleasure to visit a Growing Farm. The family run farm in North Suffolk, with 1800 wean to finish places in a straw-based RSPCA assured system, produces outdoor bred pigs, and is regarded as one of the leading BQP farms.

Barney Kay, MD Agriculture, added: “We had the pleasure to be shown round by Steve Bennett, Interim Grower Farm Manager, who has worked with us for nine years. He is a prime example of the successful relationship we have with our farmers – starting his career with us as an apprentice in 1995 and working his way up.”

As part of the Exec teams’ new commitment, to be more visible across the business, the monthly Exec team meetings are now being held across different sites every month. The team held their monthly meeting on site and spoke to a number of key colleagues from Stradbroke.

Rachel said: “Thanks to Steve, Howard and Barney we got a real insight into the vital work our BQP farmers do every day and how their commitment is helping us grow and become better at what we do. I want to thank Howard, Steve, Sue and the rest of the Stradbroke team for hosting us and we look forward to our next visit.”